How Skin Aging Can Happen?

The skin has been shown to be susceptible to various factors as we age, such as sunlight, erratic weather, and bad habits. These conditions can contribute to skin aging. Even so, there are still several ways to keep it healthy and fresh, one of it is by using ddf skincare.

Skin aging is triggered by various factors, such as lifestyle, diet, heredity, and other personal habits. For example, smoking can produce free radicals. Free radicals are formed from oxygen molecules that were previously healthy, now becoming overactive and unstable. The ability of body cells to destroy free radicals can cause premature aging.

Other common causes of skin aging (which is characterized by the presence of wrinkles and spots on the skin) are sun exposure and pollution, as well as the loss of supporting tissue under the skin (subcutaneous tissue). Other factors that contribute to skin aging include stress, gravity, facial movements, obesity, and even sleeping positions.



Aging skin is a natural process. That is, everyone will go through it. However, with the condition of increasing air pollution, aging of the skin can occur faster, especially in women aka premature aging. Even though it is a definite process, this condition can be prevented (or slowed down) by reducing the trigger factors. Discuss with the doctor for more information. There are three main forms of skin aging in general. Each affects the appearance of the face in a different way.

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– Wrinkles

The first and most common signs of aging are fine lines and wrinkles. These lines appear on various areas of the face and become the most visible sign. These lines are also referred to as laughter lines. Fine lines can also be found on the cheeks and forehead, wrinkles appear as fine lines, and are triggered by facial expressions and tend to become (increasingly visible) deeper over time.

– Lack of volume

Reduced skin volume (along with the tissue that might form it) is sometimes difficult to identify. This condition is characterized by a decrease in skin firmness which causes changes in the image of your face. The neck area can be rough, dry, and dull. Reduced volume can make the face experience changes in expression and appearance.

– Sagging skin

This condition is most common in women who have gone through the age of menopause, reduced density occurs on the surface of the skin when the skin becomes thin and vulnerable.

here are many things that cause aging skin conditions. Some of them you can’t avoid. One thing that cannot be changed and avoided is the natural aging process. Over time, you will have lines visible on your face. The condition of facial loss is a very reasonable condition. For a certain period of time, you may realize that your skin is getting thinner and drier. Genes have a big influence on these changes. The medical term for this type of aging is “intrinsic aging”.

Even so, other factors that also contribute to the harvesting of your skin can be avoided. Environment and lifestyle can affect skin aging. The medical term for this type of aging is “extrinsic aging”. That is, aging caused by external factors. By taking several precautions, you can slow down the effects of aging skin.

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