Quick Ways to Get Rid of Acne

You have an important event at the office or a first date tomorrow, but pimples suddenly appear? The most effective way to deal with acne is usually to use doctor drugs such as tetracycline, doxycycline, and erythromycin. However, the effect of the new drug can be seen within a few days after use. Then, is there a way to quickly get rid of red pimples overnight? One way you can do this is by using ddf skincare.

Inflammatory red pimples begin when excess sebum passes through the walls of the skin follicles. Inside the pores, sebum mixes with dead skin cells and then causes clogged pores. This allows acne bacteria to develop, while the remnants of free radicals will damage the tissue which causes inflammation and redness of the skin. If acne does not develop into an infection, redness will disappear by itself. But it can indeed take a long time, with or without treatment.

There are several fast and simple but effective ways to get rid of inflamed zits overnight.

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  • Doesn’t contain lanolin or color additives
  • Great hydration for sensitive and oily skin
  • Doesn’t contain oils, parabens, or fragrances


  • Expensive
  • Contains fragrance
  • fragrance-free is a plus, but some users reported that it smells bad

+ Turmeric Complex firms & tightens skin within 10 minutes
+ Technologically advanced ingredient complex combats a staggering 82% of surface free radicals

+ Ideal for normal or oily skin types
+ Excellent for chest and back as well as face
+ Spot treatment with sulfur and purified clays to absorb oil and help keep pores clear

+ A night treatment that fights, controls and normalizes acne
+ Combats blemishes and helps prevent future acne
+ Contains the Clarifying Neutralizing Complex with skin conditioners and glycerin that moisturize to soothe skin and restore balance
+ Salicylic Acid helps keep pores clear

1. Compress with ice cubes
If tomorrow is an important event, tonight compress pimples with ice cubes wrapped in a thin cloth. Ice cube compresses are the quickest way to get rid of inflamed zits. After that, leave it for a few minutes. Repeat until it decreases. Make sure you don’t press too hard, because it can hurt the zits and cause the bacteria to attack the area.

2. Use aspirin
Aspirin is not only for treating headaches, but also can reduce redness in acne. Aspirin contains salicylic acid which can exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce inflammation. In order to quickly get rid of zits, how to use aspirin is to divide it first in half and grind until smooth to powder. Dissolve with 1-2 drops of clean water until it becomes a paste, then apply to the zits. Paste the tape to protect it and let it sit for 30 minutes.

3. Use toothpaste
You must be familiar with this one. Many people say that toothpaste can quickly get rid of acne because it contains silica. Silica is an active substance that helps dry acne. However, do not use a toothpaste containing menthol or flouride. These two ingredients can make the skin prone to irritation, causing more acne to appear.

It’s important to remember that the three quick ways to get rid of zits don’t really solve the root of the problem. These methods are only limited to reducing swelling and removing redness. You need to treat your pimples as early as possible to prevent scars.

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