Various Ways to Prevent Acne from Reappearing

Many people feel insecure when they have acne. Moreover, zits often appear alternately. Instead of just complaining, know how to prevent the right zits to avoid these skin problems. There are various ways to prevent pimples from reappearing. In addition to treatment and treatment from a doctor, consider the following simple steps to treat facial skin in order to prevent acne. You can also visit our website to get ddf skincare.

Caring for the skin from the outside is a step to prevent acne from appearing again. Although the impression is simple and often overlooked, these skin care steps need to be accustomed so that the pimples do not easily reappear. Here’s how:

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– Cleanse the face
Dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil can clog the pores of the face, causing acne. So, one way to prevent acne is to maintain clean facial skin. You can clean your face twice a day on a regular basis, using gentle, alcohol-free cleansing soap to prevent irritation. Then, wash your face using water and dry it with a clean towel. But, don’t wash your face too often because things can cause skin irritation.

– Use moisturizer
After cleaning your face, don’t forget to use skin moisturizer so that the facial skin remains well hydrated. Choose moisturizers according to skin type and select products labeled noncomedogenic to minimize the appearance of pimples on the face.

– Use sunscreen
Direct sun exposure can cause the skin to dry out so it is important to use sunscreen every day. Because skin that is not well hydrated tends to produce excess oil so that the facial pores can become clogged. Clogged facial pores are what causes acne.

– Reduce the use of makeup
To minimize the appearance of zits, you are advised to use makeup products that do not contain fragrance, are oil free, and are labeled noncomedogenic. Apply the product thinly, because the use of thick makeup can make facial pores clogged so that pimples can appear.

– Avoid touching the face
Without realizing it, the habit of touching the face contributes to the emergence of zits. Because the dirt and bacteria found in the hands can move to the face, causing the face pores to clog. Stop the habit of touching your face, and make sure your hands are clean if you have to touch them.

– Increase consumption of water
Ensuring that your body is well hydrated is a way to prevent other zits. To keep your body hydrated, it is recommended to consume 8 glasses of water every day.

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